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Edition N.º 45 | May 2023

Even though the cannabis industry in Texas has been hampered for years, new legislative changes are coming and a new reality is on the horizon. With the tireless fight of legislators, entrepreneurs, doctors, growers, parents and patients, a new landscape is now in sight. In this issue meet Dr. Ethan Russo, a renowned neurologist, researcher and author with a focus on psychopharmacology and the endocannabinoid system. Thanks to the scientific and medical advances of eminent scholars like Dr. Russo, the medicinal value of the plant is now recognized by the law.


These joint efforts bring Texas one step closer to a new order where patients are the priority, leading us in this titanic struggle where, step by step, we are advancing in a steady manner.

We are already experiencing the change that thousands of people have been waiting for and that millions will continue to enjoy.


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Cannabis magazine
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"In the Expert's Room"

SunKissed Greenz

Sun Kissed Greenz 0030_websize.jpg

SunKissed Greenz is a family owned and operated CBD formulation lab and business. Located in Illinois, they specialize in small batch formulations and pride themselves in offering high quality, natural CBD and hemp products. In addition, the company assists by boosting the local hemp farmers market. Focused on people and pets, Sunkissed is a clear example of a successful business thanks to the passion of its owner. 

Sunkissed Greenz LLC

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