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Cannabis World Journals is a magazine focused on the cannabis industry. Our mission is to inform, update and educate our readers on changes and developments in the different areas of the legal, medical, cultivation, and business sectors.

Through news, expert interviews, opinion pieces, informative articles, and market analysis, CWJ provides a helpful and up-to-date tool for those who want to be at the forefront of an industry that is constantly growing.

Be part of the change!

Industry Investors


The cannabis world has been growing in unimaginable ways, we want to lead the way for you to walk straight into the heart of the Cannabis industry.

Business Owners and Industry Participants


Stay on top of the latest news in the business world and be aware of its constant development!



Do you want to undertake the Cannabis World? We want to go all the way with you! Our team is here to support you in your journey to becoming a giant in the cannabis industry.

Meet the Team

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