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After One Year, Northwest University’s Online Cannabis Program Is a Success.

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Northwest Missouri University considers it relevant that professionals have access to high-quality training in the world of cannabis, which is why, faced with the lack of qualified professionals on the subject, the University has partnered with Green Flower Media, a platform offering courses on cannabis. Since last year, they have offered a non-credit online education program to meet that demand.

Currently, approximately 70 people have participated in the program. Since it began a year ago, classes have been taught by some of the top experts in the cannabis industry. Dr. Jay Johnson, an associate of academic operations and development at Northwest University, noted that they have been trying to find a different way to offer some kind of program in the non-credit cannabis area. He mentioned that since 2018, when medical cannabis was approved in Missouri, the University had been thinking about how to work and actively participate in the cannabis industry. When the idea of this program came up, they did not hesitate to include it in their educational offerings, as it provides up-to-date and reliable information from the perspective of industry professionals. On the other hand, Daniel Kalef, Green Flower’s Vice President of Higher Education, believes that universities are the perfect partner to offer their cannabis programs. Universities build confidence in all students and increase the value and rigor of their course curriculum. Northwest University offers four certificate programs in partnership with Green Flower, each six months long:

  • Certificate in Cannabis Health and Medicine.

  • Certificate in Cannabis Law and Policy.

  • Certificate in Cannabis Business.

  • Certificate in Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture.

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