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Argentina: the reprocann is extended for three more years

In March 2021, the Argentine Ministry of Health created Reprocann, a registry for medicinal consumers and growers. This covers all pathologies and allows movement within the national territory with bottles of oil, with up to 40 grams of flowers (or six bottles) and they can sow and harvest up to 9 flowering plants in their homes in a maximum space of six square meters.

It is a simple procedure to carry out, it is done online and it is free. The interested party must have a medical indication and validation and then must indicate whether they register as a consumer, or grower, for their own use, or for third parties.

Those who can register for the reprocann must have:

  • Medical indication;

  • The corresponding informed consent signed under the conditions established by the program.

  • Comply with the requirements and procedures requested by the Program in a timely manner.

According to surveys carried out by the Ministry of Health, the age group that requested the form the most includes ages ranging from 20 to 40 years, and the most frequent pathologies for which doctors indicate cannabis as a treatment are: chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Plantas de cannabis con bandera de Argentina.

Reprocann extension and other updates

On the day on which the culture of cannabis is celebrated (20/4 or 420) the Argentine Ministry of Health decided to extend this permit for 3 more years.

In addition, there was a change in the dosage of THC, now the THC molecule -tetrahydrocannabinol- can be found in a concentration of 1% to the pharmaceutically active ingredients, which previously was 0.3%.

In those cases where the THC concentration exceeds 1%, the products will be regulated as psychotropic and the regime corresponding to psychotropic substances will be applied to them, that is, they will have to go through the National Medicines Agency (ANMAT) in order to be produced.

Lastly, due to the many requests to enroll in the program, there was a review and a change in the evaluation procedures, lowering the waiting times and leaving them at an average of 10 days.

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