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Benefits of investing in cannabis research

Clinical research on medical cannabis has many benefits, however, it is still affected by old regulations and the scarcity of investment programs for its development.

Recently, the topic of cannabis research has been of great interest, primarily since California has awarded approximately $20 million to 16 state universities to conduct scientific research on cannabis and various topics (mental health, delta-8, and delta-10). In addition, California will fund $2.7 million for research on the genetic and cultural legacy of cannabis.

Now, scientific research not only helps to understand how medical cannabis works in our body and different diseases, but also allows us to determine the safety and efficacy of cannabis-derived treatments and compare it with previously available therapies.

Additionally, there is another benefit of clinical trials that sometimes goes unnoticed: patients benefit from the treatment tested in these trials. For example, many patients cannot afford expensive treatments or have not found improvement with other medicines, and these people stand to gain the most from this research.

Looking at it from that point of view, volunteering in a study is a great option; you have a group of scientists and medical professionals providing constant care and advice, you get a treatment that has been previously studied for your condition, and in some cases, you may receive monetary compensation for their participation

For example, in the United Kingdom, "End Our Pain," a campaign that defends the benefits of medical cannabis, is asking the Ministry of Health to allocate 1.4 million pounds to research this plant. In the case of Elaine Levy, Fallon's mother, who has a diagnosis of epilepsy and who began treatment with medical cannabis, she had to sell her house to continue paying £2,200 each month for said treatment. In this case, Fallon may benefit from participating in a clinical study.

That is why investment programs such as those in California provide significant benefits to the state and science, as well as to patients and health professionals. The state promotion of cannabis research is crucial for the industry; it is undoubtedly the cornerstone to giving way to economic, medicinal, legal, political, and social advantages.

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