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Cannabis and social media.

The cannabis industry has been experiencing exponential growth for many years, both from a legal and an economic point of view.

There are more and more countries that legalize the consumption and cultivation of medical cannabis, more people that consume it and more industries that manufacture it.

However, there are still restrictions that prevent further progress in this sector, for example, when it comes to advertising there are many limitations and restrictions imposed by networks, particularly those associated with "Meta" such as Facebook and Instagram.

These networks share the same hostility policies related to cannabis. Ads that include the words: Marijuana, CBD, THC, Cannabis, and Hemp are disapproved simply because they violate the advertising policies of Meta-owned companies that prohibit "illegal products or services." Although this livelihood is poor since in many states or nations these products are legal.

There is a legal advance of cannabis but there are still situations that do not allow the dissemination of information about this plant with such important health benefits.

Logo de twitter con planta de cannabis.

A new trailer for Twitter

Fortunately, positive changes are beginning to be seen in some networks, so far the only platform that allows cannabis-related ads is Google Ads, but only in relation to products that contain CBD.

In recent days, these updated advertising policies have been joined by Twitter, which is the first social network to take the step and legalize the advertising of cannabis products in the United States. This new policy allows state-certified companies to advertise their cannabis products.

This change involves residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Ads related to adult cannabis use are also allowed in Missouri.

We trust that Twitter is only the first platform to make this change and that soon those that make up the "Meta" group can join in to continue supporting this ever-expanding industry.


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