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Corruption in California's cannabis market

In the state of California, they allow the possession, use and cultivation for recreational purposes of cannabis. In fact some of the major developments in terms of legislation about cannabis we know that in 1996, cannabis is legal in the state for medicinal use, in 2018 recreational use was authorized through Proposition 64.

This decision by California to legalize recreational cannabis was mainly intended to make way for a thriving commerce that provides the opportunity for small communities that were struggling to generate new jobs and income that could invest in improving police situations, parks and roads, but, for some cities, the riches never materialized. Instead, it only paved the way for corruption.

Bandera de california y planta de cannabis.

Proposition 64 and Corruptions

Proposition 64 allows cities and counties to issue business licenses, but some of the officials in charge of this activity, made decisions and approved licenses in exchange for very high monetary values.

This situation became known, starting in the year 2022, thanks to an investigation by the Times came to light several bribes that public officials (who should regulate cannabis companies) bribe and ask for money in exchange for granting licenses for cannabis. Faced with this situation, Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer requested an investigation to detect the licenses that were granted through bribes by officials. The purpose of the investigation is to detect which are the patterns that make licenses more vulnerable and thus be able to modify the legislation and adopt new regulations. The investigation plan was not opposed, it was supported by all in the hope of putting an end to corruption.


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