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Hemp: Beyond the Industrial Use.

Updated: May 9, 2022

There is a great diversity of plants worldwide that in general terms are admired and loved for their colors, shapes, fruits, and medicinal benefits, however; when the word “cannabis” is mentioned generally creates a great controversy between its defenders and detractors based on the pros and cons for health.

Nevertheless, when leaving this context and going a little further into the analysis of the uses and benefits that this plant has through one of its varieties known as hemp; there are countless uses and benefits beyond therapy.

For a cannabis plant to be considered hemp, the content of the psychoactive substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) must not exceed 0.3% according to U.S federal law. This variety with a low concentration of THC and various morphological characteristics is already used in different industries such as the automotive industry, in the interior of vehicles of brands such as Audi or Mercedes Benz you can find materials made with derivatives of this plant. This type of materials can also be used in the construction industry since it has been shown that with hemp fibers a kind of concrete called Hempcrete is created, which offers a more sustainable and effective alternative than traditional concrete because it absorbs constantly considerable amounts of carbon in the atmosphere which makes it very friendly to the environment.

Additionally, there is a long list of other industrial uses such as the manufacture of biofuels, resins, textiles, paper, among others; not to mention that one of the indirect benefits of its cultivation is the prevention of deforestation, as it can perfectly substitute various wood products. On the other hand, hemp seeds have now been considered a “superfood”; These seeds contain a high percentage of proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, and fiber among other elements that can improve the quality of life of people who consume it, improving their health through their diet. Among the properties of the consumption of these seeds are the enhancement of the immune system, the reduction of disorders such as stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression; anti-inflammatory actions, among many other benefits.

The numerous benefits that this plant has to offer can be an industrial reality in many countries where legalization has allowed the development of research and made the industry grow. The laws must promote research and education around the plant since this is the only way that these products could have a competitive advantage in a market full of non-renewable, toxic, and inexpensive products.

Educate yourself and become part of the change! To learn more about the applications of this plant at a medical and industrial level, visit:


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