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Legal Cannabis in Canada, what is happening?

In June 2018, medical cannabis was legalized in Canada, allowing all adult citizens to purchase up to 30 grams of cannabis at dispensaries or grow up to four plants independently. Initially, only dried flowers, tinctures, capsules, and cannabis seeds were allowed to be sold. Still, this list was expanded in subsequent years, and other cannabis-based products, such as THC infusions, were also incorporated.

But, the Canadian government established some guidelines for the development of the business, which show that the cultivation will be in the hands of authorized private companies. Still, the State will closely monitor the distribution. The provinces will buy the cannabis from the producers and supply the dispensaries, while home delivery can only be done by federal mail. These guidelines were intended to control prices further and prevent overproduction.

Bandera de Canadá con planta de cannabis.

The cannabis strategy table is still on hold.

Three years after legalization, the companies regulated by the government and involved in the production of medical cannabis began to have some financial problems, for example, not being able to make tax payments promptly. In contrast, private and State companies continued to increase their profits in the cannabis market. For this reason, a strategy table was proposed to communicate between cannabis producers and the government. Many officials described this table as “an opportunity for the government to listen to industry leaders and identify ways to work together to grow the legal cannabis sector in Canada.

But, more than a year after this proposal, it never materialized; the government did not explain the reason for this significant delay. This wouldn't be Canada's first economic strategy table bringing industry and government together, but it appears to be the slowest to become operational. Previously, six financial strategy tables had been created and launched in seven months.


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