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Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Updated: May 9, 2022

A safe place to get medicine.

Hamid Tagardite

CannaMed Magazine Editorial Team

Today, the cannabis industry has been constantly growing and there are various ways in which users can access the plant or its derivatives. One of the forms of access that is advancing along with the industry is the creation of dispensaries, which vary a little in their dynamics according to the legal status of the use of the plant in the region where these types of establishments are located. These are of great importance in the medical field since where cannabis is dispensed for therapeutic use, the patient can be well informed and feel safe.

The Cannabis Buyers Club, which opened in 1992 in San Francisco, was the first of its kind, since then, dispensaries have doubled across the United States and are now found in more than half the country, as well as several dispensaries in other countries around the world.

Dispensaries are stores where you can legally buy products derived from cannabis and its flowers; and just like any establishment, they have their history and characteristics that distinguish them.

Given that federal laws in the United States prevent pharmacies from being able to sell cannabis (of any kind), it was necessary to find an alternative method that would allow the legal sale of medicinal cannabis products without incurring any crime. So in dispensaries, the solution to sell cannabis products legitimately and conveniently, patients can buy cannabis-based medicine.

For example, the state of California allowed access to medical cannabis dispensaries to treat patients with HIV, loss of appetite, arthritis, symptoms of side effects of traditional cancer treatment, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, and epilepsy.

On the other hand, Colorado approved access to cannabis dispensaries for patients undergoing treatment for cancer, HIV, cachexia, severe pain, severe nausea, and seizures resulting from muscle spasms.

It is worth noting the cannabis pharmaceutical industries are subject to product quality control to ensure consumer safety, in addition to using the best flowers in the pharmaceutical industry, officials properly monitor products to ensure benefits for the patients. Furthermore, to make an accurate determination of their true effects, they have the necessary facilities to carry out their operations and analyze the products.

In dispensaries, various products made with cannabis are marketed and these have established quality standards so that they reach the hands of patients with great safety, the most important thing is the responsibility of labeling truthfully and clearly so that the user has a guaranteed product.

In addition, other types of control guarantee the correct operation of this type of establishment. As part of the program authorized by the Puerto Rico Ministry of Health, for example, to use, possess, cultivate, manufacture, produce and distribute medical cannabis, the company (Vesalius) announced the opening of five new dispensaries dedicated to serving cannabis only to authorized patients. Medical cannabis is generally obtained by licensed patients from the medical cannabis dispensary or cooperatives. In other cases, patients obtain cannabis directly from their medical specialist or healthcare professional. When visiting a dispensary, the identity document and authorization card for the use of medical cannabis are always necessary.

Accessibility to these types of establishments guarantees that the patient can be informed, oriented, and feel safe when deciding to use the benefits of the plant to alleviate their condition.


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