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Mexico and the promising future with hemp

Updated: Apr 26

In 2022, Mexico, one of the main medical cannabis producing cointries, obtained 4.8 million dollars and a potential growth is estimated until 2030. In addition, the country could significantly improve these figures if it would also take advantage of and use hemp, a fiber extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, for construction, automotive, textile and biofuel industries and be able to enter new markets. This country already has cement, conglomerates and automobile companies, among others, and due to this it would be much more advantageous and easier to use this natural fiber in national companies.

The only thing Mexico needs to move forward with this project would be regulation, and it is something that activists like Lorena Beltrán (CEO and founder of CannabiSalud) are already pushing for. It reports that some local governments, such as Michoacán and Oaxaca, are working on pilot projects to promote hemp cultivation. Therefore, expectations in this project can advance to take advantage of this resource in the national industry and later in exports for the supply of foreign enterprises.

El cáñamo y algunos de sus usos.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a fiber obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant and is nowadays considered one of the most sustainable fibers.

There are many applications in the industry, from food, medicine, textiles, paper manufacturing, to the construction sector.

In construction, the most widely known application is Hempcrete, whose name is composed of the word "Hemp" and the abbreviation of the word "concrete".

Here are some of the advantages of using hemp in construction:

  • Stability, it doesn’t shrink, therefore, it avoids the formation of cracks.

  • Easy application.

  • Versatility, it can be used in walls, floors and ceilings.

  • Energy efficiency, its insulating properties allow it to maintain a stable temperature.

  • Good acoustic insulation, avoids the penetration of external noise.

  • Highly resistant to parasites, as the hemp stalk does not contain albumen.

  • Fire-resistant.


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