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Misiones investigates other uses of medical Cannabis.

In Misiones, precisely in the city of Posadas, the most significant legal cannabis plantation project in the NEA is being carried out. It is developed on a 7-hectare lot, where the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and Biofábrica Misiones S.A. are constantly working to conduct evaluations and studies of different types in the plantation.

As of this agreement, Biofábrica Misiones S.A. and INTA undertake to study the behavior of Cannabis sativa varieties and develop knowledge for the production of the crop in the climatic conditions of Misiones and thus be able to obtain oils for medicinal and/or therapeutic use.

Cultivo de cannabis en Misiones, Argentina.

Furthermore, the company Biofactory Misiones S.A. has the facilities and technologies developed in vitroplant laboratories in the multiplication process with the micropropagation system used to obtain clones with the guarantee of replicating plants of sanitary and genetic quality.

For its part, INTA will study the cultivation capacity in different environments for each species or strain of the Cannabis plant to determine the crop's behavior and appropriate cultural management and obtain information that will allow the preparation of a manual of practices for cannabis cultivation.

In addition, thanks to these studies, it was possible to understand that one of the advantages of the outdoor system over the indoor system is the economy since light supplementation is not needed. The nutrients can be available in the soil. As for the clones, they are in the process of adaptation to survive the adverse situations that outdoor production presents.

The benefits of the project

This project started thanks to the favorable context of the country, where cannabis is legal for medicinal use and scientific research. Therefore, the aim is to generate new market opportunities and scientific research possibilities.

Furthermore, thanks to the production of 100% natural cannabis oil that is being carried out in the province of Argentina, the different health centers are being supplied and will be available to all those patients to whom it is prescribed.

Legally, patients with epilepsy and terminal illnesses can receive it (compassionate use). At the same time, it was also being distributed illegally to those suffering from severe headaches, migraine, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and fibromyalgia. Currently, they are working so that all patients can arrive legally and thus be able to monitor the effects and benefits.


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