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Plan to Promote Cannabis Export for Medicinal Use in Colombia

Last Wednesday, April 6th, 2002, after the ministries of Agriculture, Commerce, and Justice issued Resolution 539 of 2002, which establishes the possibility of exporting dried cannabis flower, the Minister of Justice, Wilson Ruíz, explained the plan to promote the export of the plant by the country.

"The new resolution defines the requirements for importing and exporting each part of the plant, its derivatives, and other products, so the procedures are clear for all interested parties and participating entities. Additionally, it includes detailed procedures for exporting to the free trade zone. Thus, the derivatives' manufacturing activities can take place locally, or the material is adapted for export to the rest of the world", explained Ruíz.

On the other hand, he indicated that "this will translate into job creation and will make Colombia visible at an international level as a strategic player in the world market." He also explained that "it also guarantees access to quality articles, allows the benefits to be recognized, and erases stigmas related to the inappropriate use of the plant."

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