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Portugal's Parliament Discusses Adult Use of Cannabis

The Left Bloc, headed by Pedro Filipe Soares, presented a bill to legalize and normalize the adult use of cannabis in the Iberian country in the Portuguese Parliament. The project establishes the points to bring down the "traffickers' monopoly."

It is not the first time the left wing proposes a law to legalize the adult use of cannabis in this European country. A similar bill had already been proposed by the bloc a year ago. However, it did not prosper due to political instability and the abrupt change of government during that period.

According to the publication on the official Instagram account of the Left Bloc, the following points are those proposed to regulate the adult consumption of cannabis in Portugal:

  • Stores specialized in the sale of cannabis.

  • Regulation of the product sold, controlling the concentration of THC and guaranteeing the absence of adulterants.

  • Information to consumers about the composition of the product and the risks associated with its consumption.

  • The taxes collected are invested in the promotion of public health.

The bill also proposes exhaustive control by the State throughout the entire production chain. In this way, the protection of the cannabis industry in Portugal from drug trafficking groups is guaranteed, from quality seeds and crops, exclusive sale in authorized sites and consumption by persons over 18 years of age, except for those with apparent mental disorders.

The bill also contemplates prohibiting the use of additives or substances that may alter odors, flavors or generate addiction. Meanwhile, the premises authorized to sell cannabis products may not be within 500 meters from schools. Distributors will have to provide all the information about the composition of the products that the user is acquiring.

The bill also allows the decriminalized self-cultivation of cannabis by individuals. However, it establishes a limit of 5 plants per person, exclusively for self-consumption. Deputy Pedro Filipe Soares plans to combat drug trafficking, the black market, the use of manipulated substances and uninformed and indiscriminate consumption.

Portugal Wants to Join the Trend of other European Countries.

Other arguments that motivated the presentation of the bill by the Left Bloc was to include Portugal within a growing trend among other countries in Europe. Congressman Pedro Filipe Soares declared that his country should follow the path of Malta, which has already legalized its personal use, or of countries such as Germany or Luxembourg, which are also debating the legalization of personal and regulated use of this plant.

The unified criteria of the entire Left Bloc considers that prohibitionism does not contribute to fight the black market and control the consumption of harmful substances with addictive effects. On the contrary, prohibitionism is an axis that participates in the clandestine traffic of addictive substances without content control, and is a danger to public health.

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