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Texas House says yes to expanded access to medical cannabis

The bill introduced by Stephanie Klick passed the Texas House of Representatives on Wednesday, April 12, and now heads to the Senate.

The main contributions of this bill to medical cannabis would be that doctors can prescribe doses of 10 milligrams of cannabis for cases of chronic pain that will generally be treated with opioids. In addition, it authorizes the Texas Department of State Health Services to expand the list of conditions for which it might be used in the future, without further changing state law, and changes the way the legal level of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is measured. , from a concentration to a fixed volume of 10 milligrams per dose.

The fact is, this new bill advancement is seen as an expansion of the state's 2015 "Compassionate Use" law, which has allowed for a number of positive legislative changes since it was created.

Until now, doctors registered under the Compassionate Use Program could prescribe cannabis to patients with certain medical conditions, such as: Epilepsy, Seizure disorders, Multiple sclerosis, Autism, Terminal cancer, Incurable neurodegenerative disease, Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Thanks to this new bill, “a debilitating medical condition” is also added to the list.

Planta de cannabis y aceite de cannabis sostenida por un personal de salud.

The benefits of cbd for users and new proposals

During a public hearing on March 13th in the House Public Health Committee, military veterans reported to lawmakers how medicinal CBD had helped them overcome both trauma and grief. They all agreed that cannabis helps reduce and support post-traumatic stress pain.

Among the numerous statements by veterans, there was one that drew particular attention: Michael Mckim. He stated that for decades he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which prevented him from sleeping and resting peacefully and later resulted in anxiety. He had the support of therapists and counselors for many years but could not calm and control his pain. This uncomfortable and painful situation led him to approach alcohol. But, some time later, when Compassionate Use was approved in Texas, he was finally able to use medical cannabis and this allowed him to sleep and stay away from alcohol.

The results of these votes were very positive and influential people like Žiburkus are already thinking about the greatest advances that would be achieved if doctors could recommend and prescribe medicinal CBD orally, that is, through inhalation. He also reported the existence of new devices that allow the inhalation of cannabinoids with heat or even without heat.

If you are interested in the medical cannabis industry in the state of Texas, this is your opportunity! The Regulatory Services Division (RSD) of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is accepting applications for dispensary licenses under the Compassionate Use Program until April 28.

Attend the Pharmacology University seminar on April 22 and learn about all the details of the application process from experts with more than 15 years of experience.

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