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The Role of Cannabis to Treat Alopecia Areata

Alopecia is an autoimmune skin disorder that leads to hair loss in some, or all areas, of the body. This medical condition affects about one percent of the population, even children. There are at least six recognized types of alopecia: Androgenetic, Fibrosing, Diffuse, Cicatricial, Universal, and Areata. The latter is very common, it usually starts on the scalp, during its early stages has the appearance of "patches" of hair loss.

There are several studies on treating this condition, and medical cannabis was not left behind. Qualified doctors recommend the plant to treat alopecia areata because it has a great ability to help the proper functioning of the patient's immune system. Scientists believe that the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for multiple regulatory functions in both disease and health. Research shows that ECS is functional in the skin and contributes to many different biological processes, producing and capturing hormones for different skin types, such as the sebaceous gland and hair follicles.

Therefore, by activating CB2 receptors found in the immune system, cannabis is known to help reduce inflammation and treat autoimmune diseases, and by activating CB1 receptors in the nervous system, cannabis can also reduce the stress that affects the hair and other areas of the body.

The best cannabis treatment methods for alopecia areata symptoms include:

Smoking or vaping

Topical application

Tinctures, pills or capsules


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