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World Sleep Day: Cannabis As an Effective Treatment to Improve Insomnia

The World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) is an international organization whose purpose is to promote sleep health and research problems and treatments related to these disorders. Since 2008, the WASM has chosen March 18th as World Sleep Day to emphasize how important it is to have good sleep quality to benefit mental and physical health.

For this reason, specialists in the subject worldwide have been supporting the idea that cannabis is an ally to treat the 88 types of different sleep disorders considered by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr. Juan Manuel Orjuela Rojas, neuropsychiatrist and sleep specialist, mentions that using the medicinal plant can be a good ally, especially for people with refractory problems that do not respond to other conventional treatments.

The Spanish Sleep Society (Sociedad Española de Sueño, SES) points out that cannabis can facilitate sleep conciliation in its Neurology journal, published in October 2016. Also, a study conducted in November 2021 by the University of Oxford shows that cannabinoid therapy is well tolerated and improves insomnia symptoms and sleep quality in individuals with critical symptoms.

Thus, medical cannabis has gradually become a key player in sleep health as an effective treatment to improve this type of disorder.

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